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The Mathematics Department (Junior section), as the name implies, is responsible for delivering the S1-S3 Mathematics curriculum stated in the EDB CDC curriculum guide.

Mathematics not only concerns with computation and problem solving, it also concerns with the fundamental element that lies in all human knowledge - logic. Moreover, Mathematics is also a language - a language that is precise, concise and free from any ambiguity as in other natural languages. All these make Mathematics lies in the core curriculum of almost everywhere in the world.


The Department aims to:

  1. help students to develop better problem solving skills;
  2. IT skills in learning Mathematics;
  3. to acquire greater power of analysis;
  4. to develop independent and teamwork; and
  5. to develop a web platform to provide better support for self learning and revision

Teaching methodology

Because the school offers two different curricula, the NSS and IB, in the senior level, the department uses the following methodologies in teaching so that students have enough exposure to decide which stream they will enter when graduated from the Junior level.

  1. Traditional teaching will be used throughout the year serving as the basis for developing key concepts and skills. It is to maintain the efficiency in teaching and learning.
  2. Exploratory approach involves students to work on some new areas of knowledge. Depending on the development of students, class teachers will design lessons asking students to explore, in group (cooperative learning) or individual, on some concepts of Mathematics.

Calculator policy

The NSS and IB have very different calculator policies. The NSS does not allow the use of graphics calculators while graphics calculators play importance role in IB curriculum. As students in junior forms have no public examination burden, the department thinks that offering both sides of the world should bring more good than bad to our students. Thus, we allow students to use any of the allowed calculators in these two curricula in their learning or examination. In fact, we think that the earlier they make use of calculator in their learning, the faster they will gain the benefits of it.

The department is having some TI-84Plus calculators, donated by Texas Instruments Inc. Students who would like to use graphics calculator to explore Mathematical concepts may borrow from the department. To maintain fairness in examinations and tests, explicit teaching materials on how to use the calculator will not be taught in normal lesson. In addition, the use of the allowed calculator will not have significant advantage in tests and examinations.

IT strategies

With the advances in information technology, students nowadays cannot have a solid foundation of their knowledge without it. So, the department is currently building a new website in order to support her students' in this area. That is why you are here.

All news about the department and learning materials will be centralized there. Please visit the website often to obtain the necessary support.

Ending words

The department is always practicing an "all time open policy". Students and parents are most welcome to give their comments and suggestions to make teaching and learning better. You may contact the department head through

Telephone: 27685641


We promise that your comments and suggestions will be considered in depth.

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